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With the current date technology, hospitality and tourism industry has emerged and come up with concepts like “connected traveler” and “unparalleled guest experience “,where fingertip access is given for numerous travel options, social sharing and real-time status .With the changing social media influence and increasing expectations of guests the greater need for personalization is felt. Exceptional challenges like costs, skilled employees, and increased quality are felt by this industry. It is also very essential to attract travelers by social media promotion and reputation

At the same time travel and transport industries are much focused to come-up with paramount services for their customers and gain immense profit. Technology today has a lot to offer to this industry where both the parties will be satisfied without a glitch.

Rational Tabs yet again comes up with variety of solutions which will result very fruitful for such organizations. Our company solutions are premeditated to enhance integration, tracking, planning, finance, supply chain and much more. Our company believes in transmuting these businesses through innovation, transformation and digitization. Our solutions will help your guests to experience an expedient way of stay and travelling.

Industry Challenges

  • Systems for auto payment updates
  • Room Availability updates
  • Hotel Reservation system
  • Hotel Check-in and Check-Out App
  • E-Ticketing
  • Online Car booking
  • Reservation Systems
  • Payment card interface
  • Enabler of green initiatives
  • Increased profit margins with strong and easy to use revenue management
  • Growing globally along with managed costs, optimized and standard processes

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