Smart Card Solution

Smart Card Solution

Smart cards are a type of chip card which contain embedded computer chip which can be either memory or microprocessor type. They store and transact data, on these cards Information is digitized and encrypted. Smart Cards are used in numerous industries all over the world. This is one of the most secured modes of payment in current date. Few forms of smart cards are SIM cards, chip-based ID cards, debit cards, credit cards etc.


  • with smart card attendance system organizations are able to keep track of their employees or students easily. Because of this system the work of organizations have lessen and is easily maintained. This system consumes less time and requires less maintenance .Smart card attendance system gives accurate results and thus does not require any employee for maintaining it as its function is based on microcontroller. Organizations provide smart cards to their employees/students in which their personal information is stored .the smart card needs to be entered into the attendance device and there the code is generated for enrolling their attendance.

Contact Card /Java Card

  • Java smart card comprises of integrated microprocessor chip in order to store data .java smart card is based on java card platform by Sun Microsystems .Applications which run on other smart cards can also run on java smart card.They are mostly used in GSM mobile phones and ATM cards.

Contact less Card

  • Contactless smart cards use a chip to communicate with the card reader through an induction technology which is similar to RFID .Contactless cards need be around the antenna to complete a transaction. These cards are used widely in order to have quick and hands-free transactions .Contact-less cards can also be used without removing them from wallet.

Proximity card

  • Proximity card solution provides you smart card facility without inserting it into a reader device which was required in magnetic stripe cards example credit cards .Proximity cards are from the family of contactless card technology which are placed near an electronic reader.

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