Smart Card Solution

Smart Card Solution

Smart cards are a form of chip card that includes an embedded computer chip that can be either a memory or a microprocessor. They store and trade data, and information is digitised and encrypted on these cards. Smart Cards are employed in a wide range of sectors around the globe. This is one of the most secure payment methods available today. SIM cards, chip-based ID cards, debit cards, credit cards, and other smart cards are examples.


  • Organizations can simply keep track of their employees or pupils with a smart card attendance system. Organizational labour has decreased as a result of this approach, and it is easier to manage. This system takes less time to set up and requires less upkeep. Because its operation is based on a microcontroller, the smart card attendance system provides reliable results and hence does not require any employee to maintain it. Companies give their employees/students smart cards on which their personal information is stored. The smart card must be inserted into the attendance device, where the code for enrolling their attendance is created..

Contact Card /Java Card

  • In order to save data, a Java smart card has an integrated microprocessor chip. Sun Microsystems' java card platform provides the foundation for java smart cards. Java smart cards can execute applications that run on other smart cards. They're commonly found in GSM phones and ATM cards.

Contact less Card

  • Contactless smart cards use induction technology, which is comparable to RFID, to connect with the card reader through a chip. To conduct a transaction, contactless cards must be around the antenna. These cards are extensively used to make transactions that are both rapid and painless. You can use contactless cards without taking them out of your wallet.

Proximity card

  • Proximity card solution provides you smart card facility without inserting it into a reader device which was required in magnetic stripe cards example credit cards .Proximity cards are from the family of contactless card technology which are placed near an electronic reader.

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