Infrastructure Services

Security and Surveillance

RationalTabs offers a variety of security and surveillance solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Monitor your business in real time from any location and save video to network drives. RationalTabs Security & Surveillance Solutions will safeguard your belongings, employees, and entire organisation.

We're always looking for new and imaginative ways to keep you and your family safe and your property secure at RationalTabs . We've spent decades putting in place the most comprehensive security measures available. We are authorised dealers for a number of technological companies that offer smartphones, as well as public and private security devices.

CCTV based Video Surveillance Solution & Video Analytics

The Video Surveillance Solution continues to be a key part of a physical security solution. Image capturing devices such as analogue or IP CCTV cameras make up the backbone of surveillance systems. RationalTabs has the most comprehensive selection of analogue CCTVs, IP CCTVs, NVRs, DVRs, and other devices to meet your needs. The stream of signal created by cameras is processed using Video Analytics Software that runs on high-performance servers at the Central Command & Control Center once the system is in place. This allows for the automatic detection of risks in real time, the triggering of alarms, and the activation of predefined response mechanisms to eliminate threats.

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