Hostel management

Hostel management

Hostel management System is software which got developed for managing numerous activities in the hostel. We have seen the tremendous increase in educational institution from past few years, this on other hand bring more demand in hostels in order to accommodate more students .All this brings a lot of strain on the person who is handling the hostel .This brings the demand for a system which can be much more efficient than the traditional one.

RationaTabs , come up with a Hostel management system which deals with all the issues related to hostel and helps to avoid problems which occur when tasks are carried manually. This system is of a great benefit to the hostel management team as they can perform various tasks e.g. record of each student, about their rooms etc.

Our system nullifies all the manual work which is very difficult to manage. Hostel management system guarantees comprehensive control over the entire hostel work flow which includes overall management of hostel attendance, mess, rooms, furniture allocation, disciplinary log, check-in and check-out. This system provides access to students, parents and authorized people who can able to access the software from anywhere and get updates on daily attendance of students.


  • Updates to parents on daily attendance
  • Disciplinary log maintenance
  • Mess management
  • Account details
  • Rooms and furniture allocation
  • Fees packages as per facilities
  • Visitor arrival alerts
  • Hostel vacating/change managements

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