Hostel management

Hostel management

The Hostel Management System is software that was created to manage a variety of activities in a hostel. We have seen a remarkable expansion in educational institutions in recent years, which has resulted in increased demand for hostels to house more students. All of this puts a lot of pressure on the person in charge of the hostel. As a result, there is a demand for a system that is far more efficient than the current one.

RationalTabs has developed a hostel management system that addresses all hostel-related concerns and helps to minimise complications that arise when chores are completed manually.The hostel management team will profit greatly from this system because it allows them to do a variety of activities, such as keeping track of each student's progress, information about their rooms, and so on..

All manual labour, which is extremely tough to manage, is eliminated by our technology. The hostel management system ensures total control over the complete hostel work flow, including overall management of hostel attendance, mess, rooms, furniture allocation, disciplinary record, and check-in and check-out. This system allows students, parents, and other authorised individuals to use the software from anywhere and receive daily attendance updates.


  • Updates to parents on daily attendance
  • Disciplinary log maintenance
  • Mess management
  • Account details
  • Rooms and furniture allocation
  • Fees packages as per facilities
  • Visitor arrival alerts
  • Hostel vacating/change managements

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