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Software Development

RationalTabs works with a variety of industry verticals and domains to provide software consulting and development services. With the advancement of technology, company trends have shifted considerably, necessitating the development of clever business strategies in order for everyone to stay competitive. We at RationalTabs love to design business solutions with various data management and analytical methodologies that assist organisations gain an edge over their competitors in order to unravel this enigma of intelligent strategy creation.

We are happy to assist you at any stage of the software development life cycle, from conceptualization, business analysis, and prototyping to design, development, deployment, and, most importantly, implementation of a complete solution, thanks to the technological expertise of our software development team. Our organisation places a greater emphasis on collaborating with businesses to develop business solutions, since we think that "a solution cannot be called a solution unless it can be implemented by a business."
Business solution consulting for us is as easy as IDEATE, INNOVATE and CREATE.

Our Development Practices:

  • “Traditional” Agile Development
  • Continuous Development
  • Environment & Infrastructure Management
  • Code Inspection & Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing & Automation
  • Deployment Automation & Orchestration
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring, Metrics & Insights
  • Planning, Feedback & Improvement

Experience of Work:

  • SaaS Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • XaaS Solutions
  • Online Platforms
  • Software Products
  • Custom Business Software
  • Intelligent Apps
  • IoT Applications

Technological Expertise :

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Mobile
  • C++
  • JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring, Metrics & Insights
  • Planning, Feedback & Improvement
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