Importance of visitor management solution to streamline the security scenario

With the changing time the concern regarding users visiting the institutions, companies or any other business unit has grown drastically to a greater extent. Keeping in view the security scenario it has become important for all to maintain records of people visiting them.

Traditionally most of organizations, units or institutions are maintaining log books to keep records of the people visiting them with certain details like name, time, purpose etc. But it has been seen most times these log books are just kept as formality with no cross checks or supervision. Later whenever an untoward incident takes place, it is seen that we start to blame ourselves regarding accuracy, improper way of maintaining data & the log book keeping. Even if the data records are available; it's a cumbersome and time consuming process to search or find any specific record among large amounts of data.

This calls for a way or solution that will not only help us maintain data properly but to make system accountable with respect to security situations in times of incident happenings. We at RationalTabs have done thorough R&D at different working sectors to develop a solution that fits best for visitor records management in view of security scenario.

Our visitor management solution is quiet flexible to adapt to different business or organizational sectors. In our solution we allow maintaining details like visiting person name, purpose of visit, authority or approving person, time in-out, vehicle details, accompanying persons , materials carrying etc. Based on requirement of customers, add-on’s like embedded camera for photo capturing can be integrated. Based on these inputs the visitor pass slips can be generated which will have all the details along with photograph thus streamlining the whole process in a proper way.

We also have options for integration of different hardware solutions for added up functionalities for more sophisticated and secure system. These hardware integrations are fully integrated with our ERP solutions and don't need any separate tool or software. The integrations include technologies like fingerprint biometric, LF, HF or UHF RFID technology, face recognition or detection, boom barriers, flap barriers, turnstiles, door access controls and other solutions.

These solutions depending on their ability help us control access to persons visiting us based on their granted permissions to different sections of buildings, recording fingerprints, and restricting user’s access to certain places, restricting vehicles to certain point. All in all these added technologies give users flexibility to choose solutions as per their own needs and security demands.

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