The attendance of students is a major concern for both parents and schools. The current attendance method at educational institutions is manual, time-consuming, and inaccurate. With the rise in students bunking from schools or universities, kidnaps, and child lateness, RFID cards can be used to keep track of them. Radio-Frequency Identification is the abbreviation for Radio-Frequency Identification. As a result, it's an RFID-based timekeeping system. Each user, student, or employee will have an RFID card in this system. An RFID reader will be installed on the classroom or school's front door. He or she must provide the RFID card to the reader, who will record the RFID card number as well as the moment at which the student logged in. Similarly, while leaving, the student must produce the card, and the exit time will be recorded.

Nowadays, schools are preparing to introduce a high-tech solution called RFID and SMS-based student attendance system, which will allow the school and parents to monitor and track students' admission and exit from school. Parents can receive automated SMS notifications as their children enter and exit the school. The RFID-based attendance system has also allowed the school administration to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the school/college grounds. This contributes significantly to the school's/overall college's security. Principals and other school administrators are advised to use the RFID attendance system for school for these two reasons.

Advantages of RFID BASED Attendance Solution

Without a doubt, an attendance management system will save time and money by automating many of the manual operations involved in entering attendance and leaving information and calculating hours worked. Teachers can track students' time in the classroom more accurately and promptly with an automatic class attendance system.

  • Enhanced storage capacity: Increased storage capacity makes the RFID system the most practical platform for storing student records in schools because it does not require a lot of space. This system has also been designed to be simple to grasp and respond to the user's commands. 
  • Easy Tracking:  Unlike other systems, RFID tags are designed in such a way that users can easily track pupils during their time at school. The system does a good job of keeping track of the pupils' past. As a result, anyone may look up information on a certain person several years after they have graduated from high school.
  • Monitor Attendance:  Because of the built-in time-in and time-out capability, several schools have chosen an RFID-based attendance system. This feature allows students and other school personnel to sign in and out when they arrive and depart. Many schools have been able to eliminate the use of a manual register to track student and employee attendance.
  • Paperless Attendance: Logging and monitoring of student attendance are automated. a reservation Due to the voices of our lovely professors, there is no need for manual attendance monitoring, allowing us to maximize the time allowed for each topic.
  • An effective method of reducing absenteeism.
  • Missing kids/school teachers statistics.
  • Parents were always aware of whether their children were in school or absent.
  • Keep parents up to date on their child's progress via email and SMS alerts.
  • Create several sorts of class or student attendance reports automatically.
  • In terms of sophisticated technology, it gives you an advantage over other schools. In an era when new schools are springing up all around and competition is fierce, schools must think of fresh ways to entice students, particularly parents, to notice and choose their school above others.
  • Tracking, safety, and security – Parents receive daily text messages alerting them to their children's arrival and departure times at school, keeping them updated on their children's attendance.

RationalTabs Technologies has been paving the way for RFID-based attendance solutions in schools, universities, and institutes for nearly a year. We specialize in designing ERP solutions that are connected with RFID-based attendance systems. RationalTabs Technologies' ZeyMal (An Educational ERP) has been designed to automate school management procedures, and an RFID-based Attendance Solution has been integrated into the solution to track student and personnel attendance.

Various RFID Attendance Solutions, such as Low-Frequency RFID, High-Frequency RFID, and Walk-In Gate Solutions, have already been deployed in schools and colleges by the company. Tahira Khanams Paramedical Trust, Public High School Watlar Ganderbal, Phoenix Paramedical College Pulwama, Ignited Minds, Woodlands House School Srinagar, Kashmir Institute of Science and Technology Lawaypora, Army Goodwill School Ziran Tangmarg, Dr. Qadri's Paramedical College Karan Nagar, Al – Asma Educational Institute Budgam, CATS Anantnag, and Lucent International School Magam have all. We urge educational institutes to adapt to the new technological era for the benefit of schools and students.

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