Video Based Surveillance and Security

As technology advanced, we expanded our product offering to network IP cameras and HD security camera systems that use AHD cameras (analog high definition), HD-SDI, and TVI cameras. We also carry hundreds of video surveillance accessories such as DVRs, cables, connectors, tools, test monitors, and more.

Video surveillance systems that support with remote Internet viewing is our specialty. Most of our surveillance systems include DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as mobile camera viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We sell many complete systems that are pre-configured and easy to install.


The purpose of video surveillance systems is to monitor the activity in a specified, indoor or outdoor area. Because the image is usually captured by a stationary camera, it is easier to detect a still background than moving object. Since the cameras used in surveillance are typically stationary, a straightforward way to detect moving objects is to compare each new frame with a reference frame, representing in the best possible way the scene background.

Surveillance systems significantly contribute to situation control. Such systems transform video surveillance from a data acquisition tool to information and intelligence acquisition systems. Real-time video analysis provides surveillance systems with the ability to react to an activity in real time, thus acquiring relevant information at much higher resolution. The long-term operation of such systems provides the ability to analyze information in a spatial-temporal context.

Our system prevents from entering forbidden person to secure zone or leaving the suspicious luggage in a guarded room. Our system will increase security of employees and the other people in Schools, Colleges, Institutions ,Business Sectors, Airports, etc.

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