Video Based Surveillance and Security

As technology improved, we added network IP cameras and HD security camera systems that use AHD (analog high definition), HD-SDI, and TVI cameras to our product line. We also have DVRs, cables, connectors, tools, test monitors, and other video surveillance equipment in stock.

Our expertise is in video surveillance systems that allow for remote viewing via the Internet. DVR viewer software for Mac and Windows PCs, as well as mobile camera viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones, are included with the majority of our surveillance systems. We provide a variety of pre-configured and easy-to-install full systems.


The goal of video surveillance systems is to keep an eye on what's going on in a specific area, whether it's indoors or out. A static background is easier to detect than a moving object because the image is usually acquired by a stationary camera. Because surveillance cameras are often stationary, detecting moving objects is as simple as comparing each new frame to a reference frame that represents the scene background as accurately as possible.

Surveillance systems play an important role in situational awareness. These systems turn video surveillance from a data collection tool to a system for gathering information and intelligence. Surveillance systems with real-time video analysis can react to activity in real-time, capturing essential information at a much greater quality. The ability to examine information in a spatial-temporal context is provided by the long-term operation of such systems.
Our technology stops disallowed people from entering a secure zone or suspicious luggage from being left in a locked area. Employees and other individuals in Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Business Sectors, Airports, and other places will be safer with our technology.

RationalTabs Technologies is dedicated to providing the industry's best customer service and technical support. In addition, we offer the most competitive pricing on our items.

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