RFID Gate Based Solution for Attendance Tracking

RationalTabs Technologies have been providing solutions to schools and colleges across the state for almost 4 years, both our hardware and ERP Solution (ZeyMalAn Educational ERP) is fully customized to meet each client's requirements and budget, after we conduct a detailed analysis of needs. Our array of products includes wide range of RFID & biometrics, and surveillance systems, providing complete automation to schools and other educational institutions. We ensure best in class services, right from pre installation of the product to complete implementation. Our RFID Gate based Attendance Solution is suitable for all types of educational establishments from nurseries & playschools to colleges & university campuses.

The Gate based machine is dignified with all the standard features. The user capacity of this machine is unlimited but, for best performance we recommend one Gate for every 600 to 900 students.  This is an All in One machine which comes with 2 pillars in each Smart Gate. The distance between two pillars has to be 2.5 to 5 feet. Children are given RFID Based I- cards which they will wear in their neck, as the child walks from between the machine, the card is scanned by the intelligent  reader which is located in a walk-through gate, attendance is marked with exact location and time, and same time SMS is triggered to the registered mobile number. As soon as the student passes between the Smart Gate Parents get an instant SMS Notification through integrated Automatic SMS on their mobile Phones during Entry/Exit to the school. The student's parents are then immediately informed that they have arrived on or have left the school premises by means of a real-time automatic SMS.

In this process, the system captures the attendance data, on the local server in school and push to online server if it is required. This enables the school authorities to maintain as well as track the attendance data on real time. However, there is no requirement of internet in the school, since this is Local Server Integrated solution. The device is absolutely easy to be operated, and does not require any form of specialized training. A lot of research has gone in developing the protocol of the solution.

The school authorities can see the Real-Time Attendance of the students and offer a complete student attendance monitoring solution, the sleek design of the machine enhances the brand of the school even more. User does not require much of technical knowledge to run the system. The system automatically generates daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports allowing schools/ institutes to accurately monitor each individual student's attendance. This enables clear identification of any problems, which can be swiftly dealt with and rectified. There is also a daily absentee report, which can be tracked and instant SMS to the absentees can be pushed from the ERP Solution. The Gate based Solution has been clearly shown to improve student attendance and also significantly reduce the time spent and costs involved in manually monitoring and recording attendance details.  The solution can be instrumental in improving student attendance ratio. Since reports can be pulled with just a click, it reduces the administrative work.

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