How to ease out the technology build in startup IT Solutions?

All thanks to a constant revolutionary wave of innovation and change, the modern day globe is witnessing a technological move with umpteen new opportunities coming in and bringing in technology to power, in almost all fraternities, irrespective of geography, domain or size of the industry. To have a new technology take over is a tough task. It needs its own chunk of acceptance, training, implementation, risk assessment, budget monitoring, security controls, customer satisfaction and what not. And, when we talk about startups embracing a new technology, the tough gets tougher. Startup IT solutions already have their own stock of unforeseen challenges and profitmaking restraints their way, which they need to overcome in order to be successful. Now, with the newer technologies peeping in, there is a dual set of novel learning that has to be adapted by the stakeholders. They need to follow a certain set of guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful startup. But once done with grit and determination, it is like icing on the cake. Today, there are many entrepreneurs who have accepted the challenging task if embedding the latest technologies along with their startup venture in order to bring in the best of profitability, efficiency and productivity.

As is, India has been breathing the vision of their very ambitious Hon. Prime Minister – the ‘Startup India’ movement, which has created a magical motivation amongst youngsters today, encouraging them to go in for startups in various fields, with full support from the government in terms of funds, implementation, resources and much more. This is sure to grow and boost our nation’s economy and business multifold and we will be proud to be a citizen of a developed nation in the coming years.




3 Strategic Indicators While Embedding Technology in Startup IT Solutions

Strike a Perfect Balance Between What to Modernize and What not to

Sometimes, getting too ambitious also harms the startup venture. At times, there are certain areas that need not be a part of the startup venture and should continue as is, owing to their own limitations or necessities. But, business owners make a blunder by including all those functionalities in the startup venture leading to hassles and hiccups while implementation. What is to be understood is that not all things can be handled by technology. There can be certain areas which can remain untouched to perform at their best. Also, at certain places, presence of outsourcing services should be facilitated so that the entire burden does not fall on the startup alone.

Build a Broader Perspective while Designing the Solution

Out of enthusiasm & over ambition, there are times the client asks for unwanted and undoable requirements. It is not necessary to fulfill all those without analyzing it in detail and perceiving its permutations and combinations, in an extensive perception. What is really needed is that the functionalities should cater to the wider market segment rather than just a class of customers. What its implication would be on the other functionalities also needs to be studied in detail and then the decision of whether to go in for it or not should be taken.

Provide an Open & Seamless Integration with Other Systems

In this modern era, there are numerous third party systems that are operational around. Any Startup IT Solution that aims for a successful venture needs to strongly provide an open, concerted and seamless integration with all the other third party systems that are necessarily a part of the enterprise and hence need to be integrated with. The startup solution has to be exposed enough to let in third party systems push in information and strong enough to give away requisite information to them in return.

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