Benefits of SMS Communication Service for various tasks of a business

The prompt communication to associated users of industries and businesses is the backbone of every successful business. Keeping in view the uncertainties caused by weather, road, strikes, curfews and political situations here things are prone to constant changes: there are always high chances of scheduled plans becoming subject to last minute changes.

This call’s for a communication medium that is instantaneous and available at your fingertips, and to say the best: SMS text messaging finds itself as the go-to service in any business or industry.

We can say there’s no better way to appeal to customers and obtain great reviews & feedback than by providing great customer service.

We take an example of tourism industry that too particularly in Kashmir many a times possibilities of delays, reschedules  and cancellations arise which becomes a head ache for travel companies to manage, but you can keep frustrations from running over by keeping your customers informed about all happenings and events timely. Similarly manufacturing and other goods selling units need to keep customers, distributors, suppliers informed about offers of products, dispatch of goods, placing of new orders, due payment amounts, discounts or any delays in services or product delivery. There is no service much effective than a SMS text message.

A SMS can reach its target audience almost anywhere which email, app notifications and websites can fail to at times. SMS is always useful in emergency situations; say when travellers may need to evacuate or rush. Imagine a traveller stranded in remote location with no internet connectivity, SMS will act as a life saver or as a buddy friend with some useful tips or helpful information in it. A single SMS message in such a situation from Company can raise the morale of traveller and earn his / her trust. Similarly in case of delay in urgent order delivery due to some unavoidable reasons if intimated timely to the customer help in maintaining his trust that can be lost due to order delay.

One of the benefits of SMS is its unobtrusive nature. Receiving an SMS travel update intrudes far less on a customer’s day when compared with other forms of communication, such as phone calls.

A text can be read silently in any situation, including designated quiet areas in airports and on trains.


How is SMS beneficial for businesses?

Reward your customers and increase sales.

SMS service is an effective way to expand ones business and ensure retention of regular customers through SMS loyalty scheme. Promotional offer vouchers or special deals can also be a useful tool to attract potential customers – particularly when experiencing hard times.

Offer customers peace of mind.

A greater level of trust is build when customer receives a communication through SMS notifications regarding their order placement, order dispatch status, payment receipts, or any offers. Companies can make customer intimation simple and easier experience by capitalizing on the reach and convenience of SMS messaging. One way to do this is to share all happenings through SMS that is promptly available to all.

A SMS text messages reaching customer about booking/order confirmation will help put customers in a great frame of mind, so they can relax, and enjoy their time.

Using SMS marketing is an excellent way to build your brand as a company. In almost every industry providing high-quality customer support will increase your customer loyalty, lead to repeat business and strengthen your reputation.

SMS service continues to be an invaluable tool for businesses. There are various ways to capitalize on the power of SMS and businesses in region like Kashmir are a one of the main beneficiary of this tried tested and true form of communication.

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