A mashup of technologies with my smartphone

My smartphone becomes me and is the new way of life for me now. So basically, throughout the day it takes on different avatars and becomes my alarm clock, my newspaper, my assistant, my encyclopedia, my weightwatcher, my office, my bank, my window to the world. Anything. I swear by my swanky gadget and am inseparable. But, when I downloaded a completely new app of a classy furniture store to get me going with my house that I was doing up, the wonders of this practical technology designed by enterprising mobile application development companies dawned upon me and how!


I had no idea what I was getting into. It was just a simple download. I had no clue how onboarding the app would hook me to the furniture store I was only scouting details for, just to get clues for my house being done up. When I started the app the first time, it clearly told me about what to expect with the app, as well as give me a kind of a tour and told me all about the categories of furniture & the services they offer. All the while that I was waiting for a delayed meeting to start.

In offshore software development companies, some trends rise, some fall and you see a new mix and match of novel patterns coming up each time you view the IT outsourcing sector on a bigger scale. Because of umpteen external factors like enterprise digitization, cloud computing, business intelligence, project execution methodologies like DevOps, Agile, enterprise mobile apps, newer tools and technologies etc., there are some trending observations which will continue to rule and some which will slow down over a period of time, fading away its significance and making way for new ones.

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