A Journey of simplifying work: RationalTabs Celebrates 9th Anniversary

We are not one to be overly emotional about business, but it is with a little ripple of pride that we are writing this blog.

Why? Because this year marks the 9th anniversary of RationalTabs Technologies Pvt Ltd. Today with a few golden paragraphs, we will try to paint our journey of nine years on a shimmery captivating canvas. When we launched this business in 2012, we had no idea the word technology will be a synonym to the RationalTabs. Yet here we are!

Wondering how all it started? Well, hold a cup of your favorite coffee, grab your armchair, scroll down, enjoy your read and be part of our nine years of journey.

Back to our journey:

The air is full of ideas. They are knocking you in the head all the time. You only have to know what you want, then forget it, and go about your business. Suddenly, the idea will come through. It was there all the time– Henry Ford

RationalTabs 9th Anniversary

People say never mix friendship with the business but, we believe it is the only friend who can trust you in all ups and downs without judging you and this relationship is the foundation of our journey. 

Mixing friendships and business was a winning formula for RationalTabs and maybe this is a reason that even today we are more like friends to our colleagues.

Well, coming back to our journey it all started in the year 2012 when Mujhtaba Bhat worked as trainer in NIIT Srinagar along with his mentor Mr. Fayaz Sofi (the owner of NIIT Srinagar that time) and Mr. Naseer the senior trainer over an every cup of “Chai” shared zeal of doing something extraordinary in the world of technology.

 “It started with learning; NIIT Srinagar gave wings to our creativity. Our journey was more like a roller coaster, the graph was never static. But with the grace of Allah, we survived every situation. And it is our team unity which gives us strength at every point of life.” -  Mujhtaba Bhat

In the year 2007 Mr Javid and Mujhtaba were as students and today after 15 years they are mentors to many. The unpredictability knocked in the year 2008 when there was turmoil all over the valley. 

Depression, anxiety and stress were in the air as everything was shut in the valley. This trio was not able to focus on studies but fortunately, they were blessed with a chance. On a very fine morning there hope knocked through the jar of the window.

That day is still afresh in my mind, I was juggling with stressful thoughts and I thank that moment when Mr Sofi Feyaz Ahmad (Presently MD RationalTabs) asked me if I wish to move to Banglore to complete my studies.” -  Mujhtaba Bhat

Javid and Mujhtaba were among the top students of NIIT Banglore. This duo has cracked Microsoft certifications in over 6 papers in the first go with an excellent percentile.

Life is never easy as it sounds, it is full of challenges and confronts. To achieve that ultimate goal one needs to be focused. Our journey is full of sacrifices but today after seeing the happy faces and glittery eyes of 30 employees every morning our stress level automatically disappears. We wish to have a powerful journey for more years.” - Mir Javid

Saying Hello to Kashmir again:

Web Development Services

In the year 2011, Mr Mujhtaba Bhat came back to Kashmir but Mr Javid stayed back in Bangalore with his job in an IT firm.

Mujhtaba joined NIIT as a trainer but there was always something in his mind which was pushing him to do something big and out of the box.

“Mujhtaba joined us as trainer but his passion for development demanded a space. One day he told me that this training and development cannot go along; he needs to put full focus on development world. I assured very support to this young and dynamic mind. Alhamdulillah for everything, Alhamdulillah for having such a wonderful Team, company really appreciates their effort as they have really worked well as a team. Besides, we are blessed with wonderful customer base, their support and trust in us is much appreciated.”  - Mr Sofi Feyaz

Knocking back to the story- Within three months the duo had a telephonic conversation where they talked about changing the face of the Tech world in Kashmir. This was enough to guarantee the future.

“Years back I got a call from Mujhtaba and we began to think what is the novel that we are doing with life. Without a second thought, I rejected the job offer from a reputed IT firm and I came back to Kashmir to live my dream.” Mir Javid

The journey of Roller Coaster:

RationalTabs started its journey within a small four walls (at Kursoo Rajbagh) but today they owe 1200 sqft at STPI.


To meet the needs duo used to work as trainers during the day and night shifts were meant for projects. Turmoil, flood, Covid, etc were ready to disfigure the progress graph. But our love for work and team effort always pushed us towards positivity.

None of us have a wealthy background. All we had was an idea and dedication to frame that idea. There were days when we used to contribute for bus fares but today by the grace Allah we provide an opportunity to many.”  - Mujhtaba Bhat

In the journey of nine years there is a silent gem who worked every fraction of second to help company in achieving new heights.

My journey here at RationalTabs cannot be complied in few lines.  It is so nice to see a group of people who take pride in our name. Today my profile is of Chief Marketing Officer but I remember days when Mujhtaba, Javid and I managed each department. It was a team of three and today is a team of 30. This is our journey, this is our dream, this is our passion and this is our life…”  - Mr Mudasir Khaliq

While writing this blog, we wanted to thank everyone who has, at various stages in RationalTabs history, played an important role in furthering our cause. If you’re not on this list it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten you. You know who you are and how you helped. But our list will incomplete if we won’t mention two remarkable personas. Wondering who are creative heads behind the curtain? Well, they are the ones whose complicated codes give shape to your ideas.

Kudos to Mr Mudasar Rather who were with the business for so long – we’ve shared so many laughs, wins and losses together. Mr Mudasar has completely re-engineered the way of IT services. He is always keen to learn new technological trends. His tireless efforts in R&D and making sure the Products are Technology-wise at a world-class level- are truly remarkable. Besides, He makes sure each team member is given technical exposure as he believes knowledge sharing is a basic value. 

After working at RationalTabs for nine years, I can say with confidence and pride that our technical team is unmatched when facing challenges, irrespective of client requirements or project complexity. We are committed to quality and client satisfaction. I am as proud today as when I walked into the business many years ago, since my career and my team progressed simultaneously." – Mudasar Rather

Switching to next personality- he is a one who joined as student and today he is a leader of technical team- Mr Asif Masood . His combined individual commitments in every corner of the technological world enable us to provide our customers services that are affordable, reliable and resourceful. The word “NO” is not in his dictionary, his dedication towards work is what makes him remarkable.

Passion to innovate | Power to change,” these are the words that can define him.

RationalTabs offers tremendous opportunities. We will not push you; but if you are willing to grow, you will be encouraged. We try to ease the journey of clients with novel and unique technological solutions. Journey with a RationalTabs is beautiful and I am eyeing many more years. I wish for all blessings and luck.” Asif Masood

Celebrating the good stuff:

As busy people, we often forget to stop and celebrate the good stuff that happens every day. Think of all the motivational memes you see on social media about self-belief and the importance of acknowledging the successes.

Today we sitting back and giving ourselves that much-deserved pat on the back.

No doubt running a small business requires grit and determination. In Kashmir, it is very difficult for a business to survive. So, whilst this Ninth anniversary is a personal milestone for us, we think it’s also a high-five for every single client we have worked with. We are navigating the highs and lows of small business life together.

We’re Nine years old and probably wouldn’t have got so far without our employees. Move a step further and what they have to say about us…

When I first joined RationalTabs as an HR professional, I felt very nervous and uncomfortable as it was my first job. But slowly and gradually, I came to know about the people I'm working with. Everyone here was very helpful from day one and it's the same today as well. With the immense support and guidance, the fear just got vanished. I thank the people I'm working with and I hope my bond with all my colleagues and company will remain the same.” - Zarka Ismail (HR professional)

I feel secure working for such a stable company. The environment, as well as the amenities that RationalTabs provides, are uncommon to most workplaces and shows me that we are appreciated.”- Ms Rukshanda Bashir (Sr. Web Software Developer)

One thing I admire most about RationalTabs, is that they will let people try and learn a new things, as long as they work at it. I have worked here for years, when you’re having fun, you love your job!” - Rubaitul Azad (UI/UX Designer)

At RationalTabs you can find well qualified and talented professionals who will help you at every stage. Your mentors are more like friends; I am blessed to start my professional journey with them.” - Mr Nasir War (Jr.Web Developer)

It is an honor to work with Rational Tabs. It has a friendly environment and feels like home. The workplace is too good and comfortable. I joined rational tabs one year back but it feels like I have been working there for years. The colleagues are too friendly and too supportive.” - Miss Faiqa Shah (Operations Coordinator)

Awesome is the word to describe RationalTabs! Amazing infrastructure, really good work-environment and above all a very friendly atmosphere, feels like home... Cheers!” - Mr Faisal Mushtaq (Jr. App Developer)

RationalTabs always encouraged me to grow with the opportunity to learn new and exciting things.  It was an opportunity to self-development and engagement in a professional company. I often miss my workplace.” - Iram Arshid (ex-employee)

RationalTabs has opened a window to the big world for me. Working for them has changed my perspective and attitude. If your mentor is your friend what else you can wish for. I wish them more success and luck.”  - Gulzar Sofi (ex-employee)

RationalTabs is a company that we are massively proud of. And it’s not just about the business itself, it’s the people. The clients, the team, the togetherness, the support, the values – there’s so much to this company today it’s impossible to sum it all up in one blog.

We will just leave this here with a simple sign-off: here’s to whatever comes next, we are certain it’ll be big.

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