Swift IOS Development Rules! The king of the skies comes to the world of Tech!

Swifts are the fastest of birds. Larger species are amongst the fastest fliers in the animal kingdom….

Even the common swift can cruise at a speed more than 100 km per hour, covering at least 200,000 km in a single year!!!

An honest confession for the day is in the offing. Being ardent Apple fans blindfold a few of us to a lot and the thorough grooming in programming makes the matters worse, as we can never stop admiring the fastest programming language out there.

Swift, faster than the fast, beats most programming languages meant for enterprise mobile app development at their own game.

The skies have a Swift of their own and Swift iOS development rules the world of tech!

Swift has current features such as type inference, optionals, and closures, which make the syntax succinct while still being expressive. Swift ensures that your code runs quickly and efficiently, and the language's memory safety and native error handling make it safe by design. Swift Playgrounds, Xcode playgrounds, and REPL make writing Swift code interactive and enjoyable.

Swift, like C, employs variables to store and refer to values by their names. Swift also makes significant use of variables with unchangeable values. These are referred to as constants, and they are far more powerful than constants in C. When working with values that don't need to change, constants are utilized throughout Swift to make code safer and clearer in intent.

Swift provides advanced kinds not available in Objective-C, such as tuples, in addition to traditional types. Tuples allow you to create and pass around value groupings. You can return many values from a function as a single compound value by using a tuple.

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